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2017-09-12 | Belgium |

IAA 2017: New conceptions for mobility – Bosch business benefits from transformation of mobility

Stuttgart and Frankfurt, Germany – In the transformation of mobility, Bosch is a driving force. With solutions for ... more

2017-09-07 | Belgium | Corporate News

Bosch's anniversary: from servo brake to copper-free brake pads

90 years of innovation for the safety of motorist. The full press release is only available in Dutch and French. Please ... more

2017-09-01 | Belgium | Corporate News

The Bosch innovations on show at the IAA 2017

Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Germany – Bosch is working to create technological solutions for a new era in mobility: free ... more

2017-08-28 | Belgium | Corporate News

Carbon-neutral cars: synthetic fuels turn CO2 into a raw material

Gerlingen, Germany – Up until recently, a carbon-neutral combustion engine was the stuff of dreams. Now it may soon ... more

2017-07-26 | Belgium | Corporate News

Bosch and Daimler demonstrate driverless parking in real-life conditions

Stuttgart, Germany – Manual parking is now a thing of the past. At the Mercedes-Benz Museum parking garage in Stuttgart, ... more

2017-07-10 | Belgium | Corporate News

Mobility for metropolises: Bosch’s future lies in the smart city

Boxberg, Germany – Bosch is becoming a provider of mobility services for conurbations. In the future, the company ... more

2017-07-10 | Belgium | Corporate News

Bosch solutions for urban mobility

Solutions for stress-free mobility COUP : Bosch already offers mobility services for large cities. The e-scooter sharing ... more

2017-06-14 | Belgium | Corporate News

Annual financial results 2016

Bosch sees potential for smart products in Belgium Sales to third parties amounts 888 million euros in 2016 Total net sales ... more

2017-06-06 | Belgium | Corporate News

Digital protection shield: when motorcycles and cars talk to each other

Stuttgart, Germany – The first warm days of the year mark the start of motorcycle season – and, unfortunately, ... more

2017-05-04 | | Corporate News

Good start to the year: Bosch improves sales in all business sectors and regions

Stuttgart and Renningen, Germany – The Bosch Group has made a good start to the new business year. Sales of the supplier ... more

2017-05-04 | Belgium | Corporate News

Windshield wiper factory is ready for the future

More information is only available in Dutch. more

2017-04-05 | Belgium | Corporate News

Bosch and Daimler are working together on fully automated, driverless system

Stuttgart, Germany – Bosch and Daimler are working together to take the development of fully automated, driverless ... more

2017-03-29 | Belgium |

Bridge to the future: Bosch headquarters in Paris now an innovation campus

Saint-Ouen, France – Bosch has reopened its French headquarters as an innovation campus at the existing location in ... more

2017-03-15 | Belgium |

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017

Bosch CEO Denner: “Automated driving makes roads safer. Artificial intelligence is the key to that. We’re making ... more

2017-03-02 | Belgium | Corporate News

Mobile World Congress 2017: Bosch shows smart IoT solutions in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain – From February 27 to March 2, 2017, Bosch is showing smart IoT solutions at MWC 2017 in Barcelona. ... more