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Latest news

2018-01-12 | Belgium |

Belgians know too little about car technology

" I know my car inside out" A lot of people are rock-solid convinced that their car does not hold any secrets. ... more

2018-01-09 | Belgium |

CES 2018: Bosch sees future in smart-city business

Las Vegas, NV – Urban populations are growing: according to the United Nations, roughly two-thirds of the global population ... more

2017-12-22 | Belgium |

CES 2018: Bosch is showing these smart solutions in Las Vegas

At CES 2018, to be held in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12, 2018, Bosch will be demonstrating that the smart, connected city ... more

2017-12-14 | Belgium |

Bosch subsidiary’s iDisc helps alleviate particulate-emission problem in cities

Stuttgart and Breidenbach, Germany – Guardian angels have many faces. Perfectly round, the size of a plate, and thick ... more

2017-12-11 | Belgium |

Bosch expand Aerotwin sets applications to latest version of French top models

A good view is and remains important. Especially now the weather is getting worse. That is why it is important to replace ... more



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Director Corporate Communications and Business Development
Bosch Benelux
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